About Christina

You know the short story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Where Walter Mitty is an everyday man but in his daydreams, becomes the heroes of his own wild predicaments?

That's me. While I'm not quiiite as lackadaisical, I count daydreaming as my secret profession. By day, I'm a student. I sit in classrooms and learn about things and stare at colorful posters. I also stare at abstract numbers that are supposed to make sense. At night, I make stories. I dream, and I write, and I work hard at both.

My reading style is like my music style; alternative, with influences of pop. If that makes any sense.

I have loved stories and books for nearly all of my life. I've been writing for many years, and I decided to put some of my thoughts on books/the writing process/life on a blog. If you like it here, stay for a bit. Tea is offered, you know.


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